Drawing flow charts or Sankey Diagrams with Tableau VS SankeyJourney

Drawing flow charts or Sankey Diagrams with Tableau VS SankeyJourney

If you're looking for a way to visualize customer journeys on your website or app, you may have heard of Tableau. While it's a popular data visualization tool, Sankey Journey offers several benefits that Tableau doesn't. Here are some reasons why Sankey Journey might be a better choice for you:

- Ease of use: Sankey Journey is specifically designed for creating Sankey diagrams, making it much easier to use than Tableau's more general-purpose interface. With Sankey Journey, you can create Sankey diagrams in just a few clicks, without needing to be a data visualization expert.

- Cost: Tableau can be quite expensive, especially if you need to visualize large amounts of data or want to use advanced features. Sankey Journey, on the other hand, is free to use for small data sets, making it a great choice for smaller businesses or individuals who don't need the full power of Tableau.

- Customizability: While Tableau offers a lot of customization options, it can be overwhelming to figure out which ones to use. Sankey Journey offers a more streamlined set of customization options that make it easy to create Sankey diagrams that look great and convey the information you need.

- Integration: While Tableau requires you to import data from external sources, Sankey Journey can work with data directly from a CSV file. This makes it faster and easier to get started with visualizing your customer journeys, without needing to set up complex data pipelines.

Overall, if you're looking for an easy-to-use, cost-effective tool for visualizing customer journeys, Sankey Journey is a great choice. While Tableau offers more advanced features and customization options, it may be overkill for many businesses and individuals. With Sankey Journey, you can quickly create Sankey diagrams that help you understand your customers and improve your website or app.

In addition to the previously mentioned benefits of Sankey Journey over Tableau, Sankey Journey also provides additional features that are not available in Tableau. Sankey Journey allows users to group and loop events, as well as filter by session. Grouping events allows users to combine similar events into a single event, while event looping combines successive events. This helps to clean up redundancies and discover new patterns in users' journeys. Additionally, filtering by session enables users to view the journey of a user for a specific session only, which is a useful feature for analyzing user behavior over time. These features are not available in Tableau, which limits its effectiveness for customer journey analysis.

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