Best tutorials on how to visualize user journeys with Sankey Diagrams with Python
This article lists three of the best tutorials found online to generate Sankey diagrams to analyse users' journey. Additionnaly, the no-code tool 'SankeyJourney' is mentionned, offering data analyst a much quicker solution to plot flow charts and start analysing their users' behavior on their app or website.
Here are the best tutorials on how to create a Sankey Diagram with Excel step by step
This articles covers many different approaches to make Sankey Diagram on Excel, from importing a CSV file to a webapp to overlaying shapes in Excel, passing by some paid and free Excel add-ons that exist on the market.
How to Make a Sankey Diagram Circular ?
This article discusses circular Sankey diagrams, which are a variation of traditional Sankey diagrams that follow a circular path. It provides examples of situations where circular Sankey diagrams can be used and highlights the benefits of using them to visualize cyclical processes or emphasize interconnectivity.
What makes a Sankey Diagram beautiful ?
This article discusses the various elements that contribute to the beauty of a Sankey diagram, including the use of color, line widths, labels, and gradients. It also highlights common traps to avoid when creating a Sankey diagram, such as using inaccurate data, overcomplicating the diagram, and confusing labels.
The Top 10 Data Visualization Tools for Effective Data Analysis and Communication
The article outlines the top 10 data visualization tools for effective data analysis and communication, starting with SankeyJourney, an online tool to visualize user journey using Sankey diagrams. Other tools mentioned include Tableau, Power BI, Google Data Studio, and more. The article emphasizes the importance of choosing the right tool based on factors such as ease of use, customization options, and intended audience.
How to Visualize Customer Journeys with Sankey Diagrams Using Python: A Step-by-Step Tutorial
This article presents Sankey Journey, an online tool for creating Sankey diagrams to visualize customer journeys. It also provides a step-by-step tutorial on how to use Python and the Plotly library to create customized and interactive Sankey diagrams to visualize customer journeys.
Understanding User Behavior with Sessions Analysis and Sankey Diagrams
This article discusses the importance of session analysis in behavioral analytics for apps and websites. It explains how SankeyJourney's session feature can be used to gain valuable insights into user behavior and optimize user experience.
How to format your data to build Sankeys and alluvial diagrams
Sankey diagrams are a useful tool for visualizing flow data, but the format of the data is critical to creating an accurate and informative diagram. Depending on the use case, the data format may differ, but tools like SankeyJourney can help to easily convert event data into the generic format with source, target, and weight columns.
Top 5 of the best flow charts and Sankey diagram examples
Read our top five examples of flow charts and Sankey diagrams, including a user flow diagram using Sankey Journey, an energy flow diagram, the first-ever Sankey diagram created by Captain Sankey himself, the Charles Minard's Map of Napoleon's Russian Campaign of 1812, and a humorous Sankey diagram illustrating everyone Trump has attacked on Twitter.
Improve the onboarding on your app or website using Sankey charts
Sankey diagrams are useful for optimizing the onboarding and the sign-up process in an app or website by providing a visualization of the flow of users and insights into pain points, bottlenecks, and drop-off points.
What are the best sankey generator online tools
Discover our list of the best Sankey generator online tools available for visualizing user journeys on apps and websites. The tools range from free options like Sankey Journey and SankeyMatic, to licensed software like Power BI, Tableau, Data Studio, and Looker. The article provides a brief description of each tool, including their advantages and disadvantages.
What is the difference between Sankey diagrams and alluvial diagrams ?
What is the difference between Sankey diagrams and alluvial diagrams ? Short answer : No one agrees, and Sankey is by far more used anyway. Long answer : read the article!
Here are the 5 most interesting and beautiful types of graphs
This article highlights five interesting and beautiful types of graphs, including Sankey diagrams, circular flow charts, process charts, flower charts, and radar charts, which can be used to convey complex data in an easy-to-understand manner.
Use Sankey diagram to improve your marketing strategy and your conversion funnels
Sankey diagrams can be used by marketers to visualize the flow of information and materials in their marketing funnels, identify bottlenecks, analyze the effectiveness of different marketing channels, and make targeted optimizations to improve the customer experience and increase conversions.
How to draw a beautiful Sankey diagram ? A step by step tutorial
This article provides a step-by-step tutorial on how to draw a beautiful Sankey diagram to understand user journeys on websites and apps, using or Sankey Journey (but if you're in a rush, you might want to try Sankey Journey first)
What are User Flows, and How to Improve Your UX Design?
This article discusses user flows, how to visualize them using Sankey diagrams, and provides tips for improving UX design by analyzing user flows, as well as mentioning how tools like Figma and Adobe XD can aid in this process.
What are the difference between customer journey map, user flow charts, and Sankey diagrams ?
This article discusses the differences between customer journey maps, flow charts, and Sankey diagrams, and how they can be used to improve customer experiences.
10 reasons to use Sankey diagrams for data analysis
Sankey diagrams are a powerful data visualization tool that can effectively illustrate complex data, particularly when it comes to analyzing user behavior on a website or app.
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