How to make a Sankey Chart with Looker VS SankeyJourney
The article compares Looker Studio and SankeyJourney for customer journey analysis using Sankey diagrams. While Looker Studio can generate Sankey diagrams, SankeyJourney is better suited with its tailored features, ease of use, and focus on customer journey analysis.
How to make a Sankey chart with Power BI VS Sankey Journey
Sankey Journey provides a user-friendly interface and specialized features for visualizing customer journey data, making it a better choice than Power BI for this specific use case. However, Power BI may be a better option for more general data visualization needs and offers more advanced analytical capabilities.
How to make a Sankey Diagram with Python VS Sankey Journey
The article compares Python to SankeyJourney and argues that SankeyJourney is a much easier tool for visualizing customer journey for many reasons, including its ergonomy, speed, and features such as event grouping, event looping, and sessions. SankeyJourney is recommended for those who want a powerful and user-friendly tool for analyzing customer behavior.
How to generate a Sankey Diagram on SankeyMATIC VS SankeyJourney
The article compares SankeyMatic and Sankey Journey, highlighting that both are great tools but Sankey Journey is more suitable for professional use with a focus on customer journey. Another difference is that SankeyMatic imports data in text format, while Sankey Journey takes a CSV file.
Drawing flow charts or Sankey Diagrams with Tableau VS SankeyJourney
The article compares Sankey Journey and Tableau for visualizing and understanding customer journey on an app. Sankey Journey is found to be more user-friendly, cost-effective, and feature-rich compared to Tableau.
How does path exploration work on Google Analytics VS SankeyJourney
The article compares the path exploration feature of Google Analytics with SankeyJourney. It highlights the confusing interface of Google Analytics and the simplicity of SankeyJourney, making it easier to visualize and understand customer journeys.
How to draw a Sankey Diagram with Mixpanel VS Sankey Journey
SankeyJourney offers a more affordable and convenient solution than Mixpanel for businesses looking to visualize and understand customer journeys. With no integrations required and a free plan for small data usage, SankeyJourney provides an easy-to-use tool that can quickly generate valuable insights.
How to create a Sankey Diagram with Excel VS SankeyJourney
This article explains why SankeyJourney is a better tool than Excel for visualizing and understanding customer journeys on an app. SankeyJourney's advanced customization features, intuitive interface, and user-friendly design make it the ideal choice for businesses looking to uncover new patterns and insights in their users' journeys.
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