How to create a Sankey Diagram with Excel VS SankeyJourney

How to create a Sankey Diagram with Excel VS SankeyJourney

As businesses grow and more users interact with their website or app, it becomes crucial to understand how these users navigate through the different pages and features. This is where customer journey mapping comes into play, as it allows businesses to visualize the user's journey and identify areas for improvement. Sankey diagrams and flowcharts are popular tools used for customer journey mapping, and while Excel can generate these diagrams, SankeyJourney offers several advantages over Excel.

Advantages of SankeyJourney over Excel:

The Limitations of Excel for Customer Journey Mapping and its Other Use Cases

While Excel is a powerful tool for data analysis, it is not well-suited for creating Sankey diagrams and flowcharts to visualize customer journeys. One of the main reasons for this is that Excel does not offer advanced customization features, such as grouping events, event looping, or session filtering, making it more challenging to clean up redundancies and discover new patterns in users' journeys. Additionally, Excel's interface can be complicated and time-consuming for non-experts, who may struggle to find the right functions and features for creating customer journey maps.

However, Excel is still useful for many other purposes, such as data entry, manipulation, and analysis. For instance, Excel can be used to create budgets, track expenses, and manage inventory. It can also be used to generate charts and graphs for data visualization and analysis, such as bar graphs, pie charts, and scatter plots. Furthermore, Excel offers advanced functions, such as pivot tables and conditional formatting, that make it easier to analyze large data sets and identify patterns and trends.

In summary, while Excel is not the best tool for creating Sankey diagrams and flowcharts for customer journey mapping, it remains a valuable tool for other data analysis and management tasks. Businesses should consider the specific requirements of their projects and choose the right tool for the job.


While Excel can generate Sankey diagrams and flowcharts, SankeyJourney offers several advantages over Excel when it comes to visualizing and understanding customer journeys. With its user-friendly interface, faster processing, and advanced customization features, SankeyJourney is the best tool for businesses looking to gain insights into their user's journey.

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